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Climate Youth
Negotiators Program

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About the Climate Youth Negotiators Programme

The Climate Youth Negotiators Programme (CYNP) trains, connects, and empowers youth negotiators to participate meaningfully in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) negotiations.


In its first year, the Climate Youth Negotiators Programme will welcome up to 60 participants from at least 20 countries. These participants will be nominated by their country’s government as an individual guaranteed to be a member of their delegation to the UNFCCC negotiations.

Participants will benefit from:

  • A six-month intensive leadership and negotiation training schedule, mostly delivered virtually, with the last held in-person before the UNFCCC event they are negotiating at;

  • A community of young leaders and negotiators, with dedicated spaces and platforms enabling them to share ideas, thoughts and learnings with each other;

  • The opportunity to secure accessibility grants to cover their travel and subsistence at UNFCCC negotiations. These grants are aimed primarily at lower-income countries, with a view to removing one of the biggest barriers to youth participation in decision making.

The CYNP will also advocate to governments and decision makers the world over to increase ambition around youth participation in decision making, support governments who are participating in the programme and champion and share best practice in relation to youth inclusion.

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