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About Us

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Youth Negotiators Academy


Our vision is one of justice, inclusivity and ambition, where the voices of all citizens, present and future, are considered in global governance to deliver solutions that safeguard the collective well-being of our planet and its inhabitants.


Our mission is to systemically transform multilateral decision-making and create a culture of inter- and intra-generational cooperation and solidarity. We achieve this by nurturing a global community of compassionate, trusted and effective young negotiators to successfully deliver inclusive, innovative and impactful outcomes.

Value Proposition

We use our extensive experience in multilateral decision making to deliver our unique Youth Negotiators Programmes, which:

  • Equip young leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to reach agreements in highly complex intergovernmental settings;

  • Offer young leaders the opportunity to put their learnings into practice as real-world negotiators, and remove practical barriers to their inclusive participation in negotiation teams; and

  • Connect young leaders with each other, to enable knowledge sharing and spark collaborations and partnerships across geographical and national boundaries


We also carry out advocacy work globally to change the narrative about youth - from victims, to leaders - and support governments and decision making bodies to ensure young negotiators are included and supported in their roles.

Our Methodology

  • We focus heavily on intergenerational learning - there are many phenomenal, highly skilled and impactful negotiators across the world. We put existing negotiation leaders in touch with emerging leaders, to facilitate knowledge and insight sharing and intergenerational dialogues;

  • We aim for systems change - not only to empower the next generation of negotiation leaders, but also to advocate for the conditions and environments that will enable those negotiators to succeed and to deliver the transformative change the world needs to survive current crises;

  • We are global - we believe we need empowered  negotiators everywhere, not just in one region. That means our programmes welcome youth from across the world, and showcases expert facilitators whatever region they are from. 

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